An Enterprise Mobility Vision Workshop is the first step to enabling and empowering a workforce to securely work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Our half-day workshop is delivered on-site by our technical experts. It gives you a prime opportunity to ask questions, gain insight into the technologies and practices that enable secure mobile productivity, and develop a clear sense of how an enterprise mobility solution would integrate into your business.

You’ll discover the potential of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, understand enterprise mobility in the context of your own business, and find out how to enable secure access to apps and services across multiple devices.

A typical half-day vision workshop will cover:

  • Introductions
    A chance for us to meet your team, understand their roles and gain insight into any particular requirements.
  • Challenges
    You’ll be able to raise your concerns and familiarise our experts with your organisation’s challenges in relation to issues such as device management, authentication and cloud identity.
  • Technologies
    Through guided demonstrations and interactive discussion, our experts will illustrate the benefits of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security and empower you to deploy the applications effectively.
  • Solution
    We’ll explore the available options and recommend ways to resolve the issues you’ve raised, typically delivering our proposals via an interactive whiteboard session.

There are a limited number of free Enterprise Mobility Vision Workshops available. Apply using the form on this page.