Apply for your free Windows 10 Proof of Concept (PoC) with Oxford Computer Group. Delivered in partnership with Microsoft, these workshops provide an opportunity for businesses to test the latest Windows 10 features. Crucially, a PoC will help you understand what needs to be considered for successful deployment in your environment.

Through a combination of hands-on labs and tailored exercises, you will understand:

  • The innovative new Windows 10 OS and its latest features
  • The options available for managing Windows 10 devices
  • What you need to do to deploy Windows into your environment
  • How Windows 10 seamlessly integrates with existing technologies
  • The user and business benefits available once deployed

Sorry, the Windows 10 Proof of Concept is no longer available.

Watch our Windows 10 webinar to see a demo of the operating system’s features, and discover how they can help your organisation overcome its enterprise mobility challenges.