A Directory Service that makes sense

A directory service simplifies the deployment and management of your identity infrastructure for more secure access from virtually anywhere.

Organisations face challenges around moving to the cloud, the need to incorporate legacy systems and an increasing number of new authentications. Consequently, your enterprise directory needs to be more fluid than ever. Unless your directory service makes sense, you cannot create the secure, flexible infrastructure your enterprise needs.

OCG’s directory services are based on Windows Server Active Directory (AD). Windows Server AD enables organisations to centrally manage and track information about users and their access privileges. It’s used by companies around the world because it allows them to gain unified management of identities and resources.

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Windows Server AD enables businesses to...

  • Lower costs
    Reduce spend associated with managing an identity foundation.
  • Simplify management
    Identity management that provides a single view of user information.
  • Boost security
    Support applications and services on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Improve compliance
    Use Active Directory as a primary source for your audit data.
  • Retain control
    Secure access with permissions, and enforce authentication.
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