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Windows 10 is the operating system Microsoft simply had to deliver. With continuous updates to its features and functionality, Microsoft has delivered an OS that is prepared for a future of cloud computing and an increasing variety of devices. It’s an OS that is prepared to support organisations who will face mounting enterprise mobility challenges.

Without a seamless user experience, employees are known to circumvent even the most powerful security features. Windows 10’s integration with technologies such as Azure AD helps ensure employee support. Users get benefits such as single sign-on (SSO) and self-provisioning capabilities, whilst you control access and continue to satisfy corporate policies.

Oxford Computer Group views Windows 10 as a crucial technology in developing user-centric enterprise mobility solutions. We can help you get the most out of Windows 10’s exciting array of features.

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Business man working from home happy with Windows 10 new features and capabilities.

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Preview of Windows 10 Mythbusting Infographic showing devices in use.

Download our ‘Mythbusting Windows 10’ infographic. Learn the truth about security, privacy and application compatibility.

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"Excellent few days spent with OCG who tailored our requirements and provided a directed POC allowing us to quickly understand the technical direction we needed to take and also the general overview of all factors to consider."

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Windows 10 Proof of Concept

Find out the requirements for safely deploying Windows 10 into your estate with a three-day workshop. Learn more about the business and technical requirements, as well as the innovative features that will help improve productivity and reduce administration.

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Windows 10 will help your business...

  • Enhance protection
    Eliminate malware so your corporate data remains secure.
  • Futureproof security
    Continuous updates so you are prepared for modern security threats.
  • Satisfy employees
    Users access their favourite apps on any Windows 10 device.
  • Increase productivity
    Modern web experience and Office apps available on all devices.
  • Achieve control
    Easily manage a number of operating systems and devices.
Construction worker using his laptop and mobile to illustrate Windows 10's support for Enterprise Mobility.

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Webinar: Overcome Enterprise Mobility challenges

Watch our on-demand webinar, ‘Overcome Enterprise Mobility challenges with Windows 10′. Find out how your business can address growing device management and data protection concerns with Microsoft’s new OS. Learn about the innovative new features and enhancements.

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