Complete User, Device and Data Management

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) offers businesses a comprehensive, value for money solution for enabling a mobile, productive workforce.

Microsoft understands that enterprise mobility is about far more than managing your workforce’s mobile devices. As organisations look to embrace BYOD and reap the full rewards of a move to the cloud, there is also a need to manage and secure apps, identities and data.

Paying for individual solutions from different vendors will only increase the cost and time of managing enterprise mobility. With EMS, it’s simple. These technologies have been designed to work together. With no integration problems, you gain peace of mind that your IT simply works.

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Enterprise Mobility Suite allows worker to stay productive as he uses mobile device on the move.

Enterprise Mobility Discovery Workshop

Are you unsure what enterprise mobility means in the context of your organisation?

Do you need help understanding the technologies available? An OCG Enterprise Mobility Discovery Workshop is your opportunity to get advice from the experts. Gain a clear understanding of what implementing an enterprise mobility solution would involve for your business.

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Gain business security and employee productivity

Watch our Enterprise Mobility Suite webinar on-demand. See key security feature Advanced Threat Analytics in action, and watch a device registration and enrolment demo with Intune and Windows 10.

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Did you know?

of your workforce use personal devices to access sensitive data (Microsoft)

of employees take no measures to safeguard data on their mobiles (Microsoft)

will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018 (Gartner)

What does EMS include?

Business remains secure with Enterprise Mobility Suite as worker uses his laptop in the garden.

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EMS helps businesses benefit from...

  • Complete security
    Comprehensive identity management protecting your corporate data.
  • Simplified management
    Easy to set up and maintain with one complete integrated platform.
  • Empowered users
    Employees free to work on Windows, Android and iOS devices.
  • Reduced expenditure
    Lower the cost of buying these or other technologies individually.
  • Competitive advantage
    Happy employees working productively to achieve your goals.
Enterprise Mobility Suite enables worker to safely use his laptop and mobile phone outside of the workplace.