Complete User, Device and Data Management

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) provides businesses with a comprehensive, value for money solution to safely enable a mobile, productive workforce.

Microsoft understands that enterprise mobility is about far more than managing your workforce’s mobile devices. As businesses in all industries experience digital transformation, and cyber-attacks become more advanced, there’s a need to manage and secure apps, identities and data.

Paying for individual solutions from different vendors is costly and unreliable. With EMS, it’s simple. These technologies have been designed to work together, offering a holistic approach to solving today’s enterprise mobility challenges. With no integration problems, you gain peace of mind that your IT simply works.

Learn more about the key Enterprise Mobility + Security technologies available in Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE). Watch our SPE webinar on-demand.

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EM+S provides businesses with...

  • Advanced protection
    Comprehensive identity management protecting your corporate data.
  • Secure collaboration
    Enforce information protection policies on company documents.
  • Simplified management
    Easy to set-up and maintain with one complete integrated platform.
  • Empowered users
    Employees free to work on Windows, Android and iOS devices.
  • Reduced expenditure
    Lower the cost of buying these or other technologies individually.
  • Competitive advantage
    Productive employees working collaboratively to achieve your goals.
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What does EM+S include?

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What’s inside Microsoft’s security suite?

Find out more about EM+S and its potential benefits for your business from our Enterprise Mobility lead Mat Richards, and learn about the rest of the technologies offered in the SPE package.

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