Effectively Manage every Relationship

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics CRMb focuses on managing your customer interactions. From a sales, marketing and service perspective, it is one of the industry’s most powerful customer relationship management platforms. However, the software’s full capabilities are realised in the form of eXtended relationship management (xRM).

Companies who want to streamline their management of people and relationships using a unified and robust back-end system will find Dynamics CRM to be a painless route to building functionality around their business processes and data.

OCG’s team has the experience to lead your Dynamics CRM development, whether you’re converting paper or phone-based processes, or simply replacing legacy computer systems.

Oxford Computer Group no longer works with Dynamics CRM. Learn more about Azure AD B2C and how it can help your organisation deliver a unified and secure customer sign-in experience.

Learn more about Azure AD B2C
Construction worker uses his mobile and a laptop onsite to represent mobility with Windows 10.

CRM SoftwareBlog claim Dynamics CRM will deliver...

increased cash flow

greater likelihood of hitting sales targets

more sales productivity

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Dynamics CRM will help you…

  • Establish a stronger network
    Connect with stakeholders who have an impact on your business.
  • Increase sales
    Uncover new opportunities through better connections.
  • Gain loyalty
    More engaging and satisfying personalised interactions.
  • Raise productivity levels
    Easily access information and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Grow your business
    Effectively utilise data to gain a competitive advantage.
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