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Cloud App Security (CAS) is a key technology in Microsoft’s quest to deliver a comprehensive security platform suitable for today’s businesses.

The rapid shift to a multi-device, widely connected workforce has introduced a number of unique security concerns. Employees are becoming increasingly reliant on non-approved SaaS apps to get their jobs done, but this ‘shadow IT’ poses a serious risk to critical data. Without visibility of how users are operating in the cloud, businesses are effectively playing a game of chance with the threat of a data breach.

With protection for Microsoft cloud applications like Office 365, as well as third party apps, Cloud App Security offers businesses the tools they need to safely take advantage of the cloud.

Unidentified user on laptop to represent lack of user visibility which Cloud App Security offers.

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What’s inside Microsoft’s security suite?

OCG experts David Guest and Mat Richards guide us through Microsoft’s latest security technologies, including a demonstration of how Cloud App Security protects users and data when using SaaS applications .

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Cloud App Security offers your business…

  • Extensive visibility
    See what cloud apps are in use – approved and non-approved.
  • Greater control
    Set policies and alerts. Choose which apps to sanction and remove.
  • Early risk detection
    Identify high-risk apps and files, and detect abnormal behaviour.
  • Threat intelligence
    Benefit from Microsoft’s unrivalled security research data.
  • Seamless integration
    Simple to deploy and works with existing security solutions.
Cloud App Security offers visibility of user activities. Close-up of laptop user outside of work.

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