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Azure is Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud platform. As both an infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) and platform-as-a-service (Paas), you are given the choice to build and deploy applications in a way that suits you.

The unpredictable or seasonal nature of many industries often results in businesses spending large amounts on unnecessary resources all-year-round. Rather than making that vital transition to the cloud, businesses find themselves restricted by the inflexibility and security limitations of their providers.

With security at its core, Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform that OCG trusts. Your organisation can benefit from a true hybrid, with the flexibility to put as much or as little into the cloud as you wish. For organisations familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s the obvious choice.

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Young couple. Azure cloud platform enables productivity even as you eat lunch and meet outside the office.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Demo

Read the latest in our blog series on identity management testing. Senior Consultant Ian Bassi breaks down how you can use a Team Foundation Server in Azure to manage and track test results.


Azure will help your business...

  • Reduce expenditure
    No significant capital expenditure. Simply pay for what you use.
  • Gain agility
    Deploy applications quickly and avoid frustrating downtimes.
  • Increase scalability
    Add or reduce capacity in line with growth and customer demand.
  • Achieve employee satisfaction
    A mobile workforce working anytime and anywhere they choose.
  • Improve security
    A reliable enterprise-class platform that is omnipresent.


Azure enables cloud access from virtually anywhere - worker using his laptop on top of a mountain.

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