Keep your Office Secure

Azure Rights Management Service (RMS) can protect your organisation’s sensitive information from unauthorised access and keep you in control of how this information is used.

Employees share information by email, through file-sharing sites and in the cloud. This raises concerns around data protection and legal compliance, with firewalls and other traditional security controls offering limited protection. As a rights management solution for Office 365, Azure RMS enforces information protection policies without preventing your users from working effectively.

In fact, as well as protecting content that is created and exchanged by using Microsoft Office, other applications that have been updated to integrate with the service can also benefit from its security features.

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Business men on tablet in cafe accessing files secured with Azure RMS.

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Demo: See Azure RMS in action

Watch our on-demand webinar and see how simple Azure RMS is to set-up. Crucially, learn how easy it is for your employees to use. With data leaks causing tremendous damage to businesses, add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive files that users won’t want to avoid.

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Azure RMS offers businesses...

  • Advanced security
    Encryption, identity and authorisation policies to secure files and email.
  • Data control
    Inside or outside your networks, file servers or applications.
  • Enduring protection
    Access controls stay with files and emails independent of the location.
  • Full authority
    Control access, prevent unwanted actions, and enforce restrictions.
  • User convenience
    Removes the complexity associated with on-premises RMS.
Business man boards train on his mobile accessing secure files with Azure RMS.