Don’t become another data breach victim

Part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) uses behavioural analysis to identify security risks and prevent unwanted network access.

The sad reality is that most businesses now expect to experience a cyber-attack. The unrelenting pace of technology change is creating vulnerability in even the largest organisations. At the same time, hackers are growing ever more sophisticated. Alarmingly, few businesses would even know if their systems had been compromised or a data breach had occurred.

OCG views Advanced Threat Analytics as crucial to the development of a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution. Using machine learning to evolve with ever-changing security threats, your business can avoid the potentially irreversible damage caused by a data breach.

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Advanced Threat Analytics Webinar

Avoid a costly data breach in your organisation

OCG’s enterprise mobility expert, Mat Richards, reveals how your business can detect suspicious activity using behavioural analysis and adapt to changing security threats.

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ATA can help your business…

  • Detect threats
    Behavioural analytics identifies unusual activities or behaviour.
  • React quickly
    Known malicious attacks are flagged almost instantly.
  • Prioritise risks
    Focus on what’s important with alerts for genuine threats only.
  • Respond appropriately
    Clear attack timeline feed and recommended actions.
  • Futureproof security
    ATA keeps learning and adapting to the latest security threats.

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What’s inside Microsoft’s security suite?

Two of our experts explain and demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft’s latest security technologies, including Advanced Threat Analytics and Azure Information Protection.

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