Adding value to Microsoft B2B Collaboration

Extend the business value of Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2B platform with Access Centre from Oxford Computer Group.

With Azure AD B2B Collaboration, organisations can offer partners simple and secure access to documents, resources and applications. By inviting guest users into your Azure Active Directory, you have the opportunity to improve the partner collaboration experience and at the same time better secure partner access.

Access Centre integrates seamlessly with Azure AD B2B to allow you to delegate administration of partner access – and without the need for costly federation models. With a portal for external users, partners take responsibility for providing access in their own organisations.

Organisations can reduce costs and lower security risks by removing the need to manage credentials and partner identities themselves.

Download Access Centre information sheet. Learn how you can improve business partner collaboration whilst reducing security risks and IT costs.

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Key features

Access centre can help your organisation…

  • Reduce security risks
    Zero exposure to identity credentials. Reduction in dormant accounts.
  • Enhance protection
    Store supplier credentials in Azure AD to guard against identity theft.
  • Lower costs
    Reduce infrastructure, maintenance and management overheads.
  • Save time and resources
    Delegate management and administration to the supplier.
  • Automate manual processes
    On and off-board users faster. Enable user self-registration.
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