Meet the demands of your business

For us, no technology provider is doing as much to meet the demands placed on today’s enterprise IT systems as Microsoft. Its comprehensive and integrated suite of technologies allows businesses to achieve far more with far less. We have the technical expertise and business foresight to ensure the organisations we work with achieve that potential.

Our consultants are in demand worldwide for their knowledge of Microsoft technologies. We possess Gold Partner competencies and have been a Partner of the Year on numerous occasions. We can advise you on the most suitable combination of technologies to gain maximum value and minimum risk from your enterprise IT solution.

Microsoft Identity Manager

Building on FIM’s powerful identity lifecycle management features, MIM offers businesses enhanced security and cloud readiness.

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Azure (cloud platform)

Stay secure and fully integrated as you move to the cloud. Microsoft’s Azure gives businesses the flexibility and control that they need.

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Azure AD

On-premises or in the cloud, Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium will ensure that only the people you choose have access to your data.

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Azure AD B2C

Built on Azure Active Directory, Azure AD B2C offers a secure, scalable and cost-effective identity management service for consumer-facing applications.

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Azure RMS

Azure Rights Management Service (RMS) adds an extra layer of security for your business as you conveniently control access to files and email.

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Microsoft Intune simplifies Mobile Device Management (MIM) so you can empower your employees whilst ensuring corporate data remains secure.

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Advanced Threat Analytics

Detect suspicious activities in your network and adapt to ever-changing security threats.

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Enterprise Mobility Suite (ems)

Save money (and hassle) with Microsoft’s comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Suite, featuring Azure AD, Advanced Threat Analytics, RemoteApp, Intune and Azure RMS.

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Cloud App Security

Ensure you know which apps are in your network so you can set policies and identify risks. Don’t become the next victim of a data breach.

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Windows 10

Gain Microsoft’s support for your enterprise mobility challenges and deliver an experience that your employees will love.

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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 can you help you reduce hardware requirements and costs whilst increasing the productivity of your staff.

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Dynamics CRM Online

Increase sales and gain loyalty by developer stronger connections with your customers.

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Windows Server AD

As well as simplifying management of user identities, Windows Server Active Directory will help you save money and increase security.

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System Center 2012

Realise the financial and efficiency benefits of the cloud with Microsoft System Center 2012.

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OCG Tools & Software

OCG has developed tools and components to automate repetitive project tasks, saving our customers time and money.

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