A Secure connection between Data and people

xRM (eXtended Relationship Management) recognises that the management of relationships and assets needs to extend beyond your customers. Building on the principles of CRM, an xRM solution will improve your organisation’s efficiency by simplifying workflows and automating repetitive processes.

We appreciate that many organisations struggle to manage all of the people and resources connected to their businesses. Without a unified platform, your organisation becomes fragmented and unstable.

With a long-history in identity management, we can help you stay in control throughout the user journey. From providing secure access to monitoring the changing state of a relationship over time, you will have the information required to make the right decisions for your business.

Key pre-packaged xRM Solution areas

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We appreciate Managing Relationships Is challenging

  • Missed marketing opportunities
    Inability to connect with the right customers at the right time.
  • Strain on resources
    Growing business interactions and time-consuming administration.
  • Reduced productivity
    Staff tied up with repetitive tasks on a daily basis.
  • Poor decision-making
    Data is inaccessible to the people and departments that need it.
  • Lack of communication
    Information isn’t shared or is too difficult to interpret.
  • High costs
    It’s a significant investment to collect data from different sources.

Dynamics CRM White Paper

Delivering faster, more effective complaints handling

This white paper discusses how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help businesses comply with new regulations. Learn how the platform can help you achieve your customer service objectives and improve productivity.

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Businessman with his hand out to signal positive relationships thanks to Dynamics CRM.

Our Relationship Management solutions can help you...

  • Enable transparency
    Access to the information people need at the time they want it.
  • Raise satisfaction levels
    Employee frustration removed as your business runs smoothly.
  • Speed up operations
    A unified system with repetitive daily tasks automated.
  • Improve communication
    Business operations connected with seamless data flow.
  • Lower costs
    Simplify administration to reduce your resource requirements.
  • Strengthen connections
    Encourage people to remain a part of your network long-term.

“From proof of concept to going live...it has been a very, very good experience.”

Sir George Monoux College

A service with unwavering principles

OCG is distinguished by its approach to service delivery. Whether you’re using one of our sector-specific solutions or something completely bespoke, we apply the same principles. Our approach is to focus on you, the customer. We listen first, and we listen throughout.

We use the Microsoft-recommended Dynamics CRM workflows and business rules for a solution that requires minimal coding. This has a positive impact on development times and maintenance work.

We apply automated testing to our solutions and work closely with you to coordinate requirements and acceptance criteria. This ensures we avoid any nasty surprises.

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xRM in Education Webinar

’Student submissions – From paper to the cloud’

Watch OCG’s webinar and discover how xRM can help your university or college become more efficient. Leading architect, Marcus Idle will reveal how you can reduce the risk of large-scale student submissions and save time by automating processes.

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Delivering a Dynamic IT solution

Our xRM solutions comprise relationships, forms and reports, business rules, workflows and dialogues, packaged together in a bespoke Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM is a powerful customer relationship management platform that connects service and sales teams with their customers.

Extended Relationship Management (xRM) involves expanding the value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM beyond traditional CRM and increasing its reach within the organisation. Adapting this market-leading technology to enhance relationships beyond you and your customers helps to reduce maintenance headaches and improve overall business performance.

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People and Services Webinar

Managing your relationships with xRM

Watch our webinar on-demand and find out how Dynamics CRM – as part of an xRM solution – can remove repetitive administration tasks. Learn about the technology’s key capabilities and see its application in different businesses.

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We want to win for you

Oxford Computer Group is one of Microsoft’s most decorated technology partners. Alongside numerous accreditations, we have Gold Partner status for Devices and Deployment and Identity and Access.

Microsoft Partner of the Year

In 2015, Oxford Computer Group won the Partner of the Year award for the third consecutive year, and the seventh time to date.

This global competition not only recognises the technical brilliance of our people, but proves we are able to deliver enterprise-scale IT solutions which make a real difference to businesses.

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