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An identity and access management solution at the heart of your IT infrastructure is essential. In a world of multiple devices and cloud-based services, an IAM system enables you to take full control of users’ permissions, to automate processes and to secure sensitive data.

Companies recognise that an identity management solution is essential to gain operational efficiency and ensure the proper controls are in place. However, a poorly implemented IAM system will simply amplify existing administration problems and increase costs.

As a consultancy that has managed millions of identities, we understand the challenges involved. Our technical personnel possess unrivalled knowledge of identity technologies and have a track record of delivering real business value through our solutions.

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Our key IAM Solution areas

We appreciate your organisation faces challenges

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  • Low levels of productivity
    Users forced to remember and input multiple IDs and logins.
  • Inefficient use of resources
    Helpdesk focused on managing passwords and access.
  • Complex administration
    Multiple IT systems which require authentication and authorisation.
  • Rising IT costs
    Numerous staff require up-to-date identity and access details.
  • Threats to security
    Risk of unauthorised access with no visibility of entitlements.
  • Inability to manage change 
    New systems to adopt from mergers and acquisitions.

The Business case for IAM

Take a modern approach to identity management

Present a detailed and compelling case for identity and access management in your organisation. Download our white paper today. We reveal the potential challenges and side effects, and offer examples and best practice approaches to ensure you gain the support you need.

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Our Identity solutions can help you...

  • Enhance security
    User provisioning ensures you know who has access to your data.
  • Improve efficiency
    Single sign-on enables users ease of access and reduces IT frustration.
  • Satisfy employees
    Users working from the systems and devices they love.
  • Lower costs
    Automated systems help to ease the burden on internal resources.
  • Achieve legal compliance
    Gain confidence that you meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Speed up operations 
    Onboard new users or remove access quickly and simply.
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"OCG's consultants worked closely with our team throughout the process. They have always been very responsive to our needs. They’re flexible and extremely knowledgeable."

RSA Group

Built using Microsoft's leading identity technologies

We use enterprise-grade technologies to develop our identity and access solutions, including Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016, Windows Server Active Directory, Azure and System Center.

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 

MIM helps businesses relieve the pressure on their IT departments and help desks. Instead of wasting resources on simple day-to-day tasks, you benefit from self-service facilities for Office 365 users, rich administrative tools and enhanced automation.

MIM improves operational efficiency, automates management tasks and empowers end users.

Learn more about MIM
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Meet the demands of today

Watch ‘Navigating the world of IAM’

Find out why identity and access management is as crucial today as it’s ever been. Learn about the latest technologies, recent developments, and the key user and security benefits.

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Enhanced IAM with Access Centre Activation

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Every year large businesses and universities have thousands of users join their network.

Access Centre Activation is a specially developed solution that allows new users to set their own passwords, saving your IT department hundreds of hours of administrative support.

  • Plug that security gap by removing physical passwords
  • Compatible with both your local AD and Azure AD
  • Flexible configuration and validation options

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