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An identity and access management solution at the heart of your IT infrastructure is essential. In a world of multiple devices and cloud-based services, an IAM system enables you to take full control of users’ permissions, to automate processes and to ensure sensitive data remains secure.

Companies recognise that an identity management solution is essential to gain operational efficiency and ensure the proper controls are in place. However, a poorly implemented IAM system will simply amplify existing administration problems and increase costs.

As a consultancy that has managed millions of identities, we understand the challenges involved. Our technical personnel possess unrivalled knowledge of identity technologies and have a track record of delivering real business value through our solutions.

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Our key IAM Solution areas

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We appreciate your organisation faces challenges

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  • Low levels of productivity
    Users forced to remember and input multiple IDs and logins.
  • Inefficient use of resources
    Helpdesk focused on managing passwords and access.
  • Complex administration
    Multiple IT systems which require authentication and authorisation.
  • Rising IT costs
    Numerous staff require up-to-date identity and access details.
  • Threats to security
    Risk of unauthorised access with no visibility of entitlements.
  • Inability to manage change 
    New systems to adopt from mergers and acquisitions.


‘Navigating the world of identity and access management’

Watch our latest identity management webinar on-demand. Discover why IAM is more crucial today than ever before – and key to securely meeting the BYOD demands of your workforce.

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Our Identity solutions can help you...

  • Enhance security
    User provisioning ensures you know who has access to your data.
  • Improve efficiency
    Single sign-on enables users ease of access and reduces IT frustration.
  • Satisfy employees
    Users working from the systems and devices they love.
  • Lower costs
    Automated systems help to ease the burden on internal resources.
  • Achieve legal compliance
    Gain confidence that you meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Speed up operations 
    Onboard new users or remove access quickly and simply.
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"OCG's consultants worked closely with our team throughout the process. They have always been very responsive to our needs. They’re flexible and extremely knowledgeable."

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A solution that identifies your needs

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Our services commence with a workshop. Here you will discover how an identity and access management solution can improve operational efficiency and empower end users.

Our experienced consultants and infrastructure architects then design your IAM solution, testing and piloting at every stage.

With the design created to meet your precise requirements, we begin the build and implementation. We can customise the chosen technologies to fit your business.

We can also support you after we have completed the deployment. We have a number of support and managed service packages to choose from.

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MIM Webinar

What you need to know about FIM’s successor

Watch our Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) webinar on-demand and find out how the technology giant has modernised and improved its leading identity management platform. Learn more about new security feature PAM, and hybrid IAM.

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The Forefront of Microsoft Identity Management

When it comes to the matter of your organisation’s security, trust is paramount. For that reason, we work closely with the industry’s leading technology provider, Microsoft.

We use enterprise-grade technologies to develop our identity and access solutions, including Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 (MIM), Windows Server Active Directory, Azure and System Center 2012.

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

MIM helps businesses relieve the pressure on their IT departments and help desks. Why waste resources on simple day-to-day tasks when you can utilise self-service facilities for Office 365 users, and benefit from rich administrative tools and enhanced automation? MIM improves operational efficiency, automates management tasks and empowers end users.

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Privileged Access Management

’Prevent cyber and insider attacks’ webinar

Discover how Microsoft Identity Manager’s new security feature, Privileged Access Management (PAM), can help your business mitigate the threat of a data breach. Stop attackers gaining control of your Active Directory and keep sensitive data secure.

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Microsoft's Gold Partner for Enterprise IT

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Microsoft Gold Partner

Our Microsoft Gold Partner status for Identity and Access offers security to organisations. We have a proven track record of delivering solutions that bring quantifiable benefits to customers.

Partner of the Year

We have twice received the accolade of Partner of the Year (2013 and 2014) in the Identity and Access category. We are the reigning POTY for Enterprise Mobility. This global competition recognises organisations who have delivered truly exceptional solutions for customers.

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