Responsible data protection

A Cyber Security and Information Governance solution is key to ensuring your organisation can detect malicious attacks, secure data and achieve regulatory compliance.

High-profile cyber-attacks and breaches at some of the world’s biggest brands and institutions have ensured cyber security is front of mind for every business. As cyber-crime dominates the news, stricter privacy and data protection regulations are threatening business-crippling fines – no matter your size or industry. It’s essential you have adequate policies and processes in place to ensure responsible data protection.

Oxford Computer Group appreciates the challenges faced by organisations to firstly recognise and then prioritise necessary actions. We can steer your business on the right path towards a robust security and compliance posture.

Take the first step in ensuring responsible data protection by taking our quick online Cyber Security Assessment. It will only take a couple of minutes, and you’ll receive a tailored report with recommendations for actions and improvement.

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Key focus areas

Threats and vulnerabilities

  • Insider threats
    Shadow IT and employees sharing unprotected data/passwords.
  • Stricter legislation
    GDPR creating uncertainty and threatening severe fines.
  • Poor visibility
    Multiple, disparate systems and a shift in the security perimeter.
  • Device management
    BYOD and a mobile workforce connected through multiple devices.
  • Data flow
    Data accessed and shared across locations and organisations.
  • Evolving attack vectors
    Exploiting human error and system vulnerabilities.
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There’s value in security

Make ‘The business case for cyber security’

Present a compelling case for cyber security in your organisation. Download our white paper today. We reveal how to bridge the cyber skills gap, implement the right culture, ensure best practice and highlight the business value.

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Our solutions deliver...

  • Secure authentication
    Provide simple and safe access to systems and apps.
  • Organisational awareness
    Understanding of legislation and requirements at all levels.
  • Data perimeter protection
    Detect, protect and respond to threats quickly.
  • Threat visibility
    Environment-wide monitoring and detection of potential threats.
  • Data security
    New security perimeter around your data, wherever it travels.
  • Cyber-awareness
    Standard and bespoke employee training to mitigate risk.
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"OCG's consultants worked closely with our team throughout the process. They have always been very responsive to our needs. They’re flexible and extremely knowledgeable."

RSA Group

Unrivalled cyber intelligence - and protection

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Microsoft’s platform offers unparalleled threat intelligence to help organisations detect and protect against possible attacks. Our solutions adopt key security technologies, including:

  • Advanced Threat Analytics
    Detect unusual activities quickly and prevent unwanted access.
  • Azure Information Protection
    Encrypt sensitive files and track outside your network.
  • Azure AD Premium
    Cloud identity, conditional access and administrator visibility.
  • Cloud App Security
    Set policies and alerts for employee app usage.
  • Windows 10
    Advanced malware protection and attack isolation.
  • Office 365
    Encrypt and protect emails, and receive policy alerts.
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Explore our new Security and Privacy Service

Security is a journey not a destination

Managing the evolving risk and evaluating the security posture of your organisation can be complex and very time consuming.

Our security and privacy service offering evaluates and advances your data security and privacy posture against recognised industry standards for security governance and management.


A security management framework

Our approach to cyber security encompasses the following principles:

  • To help our customers overcome challenges relating to cyber security through the development of tailored services, and delivered through in-house knowledge and expertise.
  • To go beyond assessment and gap analysis to offer technical and procedural solutions that effectively address identified gaps and challenges.
  • To develop on-going relationships with our customers to better understand context and assist in the security and compliance life cycle.

User education and ownership are critical to the success of any cyber strategy. Our security management approach provides a specific focus for our customers to educate users, as well as looking at the standard assess, protect and operate activities. This is all encapsulated within a security management framework.

Our goal is to:

  • Help our customers understand and manage their information assets.
  • Assess threats, vulnerabilities and risks to those assets.
  • Formulate realistic and appropriate controls to mitigate identified risks.
  • Maintain a watching brief on emerging threats and trends to create a robust security management framework (based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model).
  • Report back and advise the business.

We constantly review our security posture and governance regime, and actively change as needed, to align with business and legislative requirements.

All staff are vetted on joining the company and against customer project requirements as and when assigned.

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