Secure customer access to your applications

Meet consumer demands for seamless access and robust data protection with a customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution.

Consumers today expect a unified experience across multiple services. In a multi-channel, always-connected world, a frictionless sign-up and sign-in process across your applications is imperative. It’s a significant challenge at a time when security breaches are prevalent, and businesses are under pressure to keep passwords and other data safe.

A CIAM solution is key to simplifying engagement with your brand. Using the Microsoft Cloud, you can integrate users’ own corporate or social identities into your directory for a seamless login experience. Crucially, you can secure identities to reduce the risk of a costly data breach.

Discover why Microsoft Azure AD B2C and B2B Collaboration are key to enabling customer and partner identity and access management. Watch our webinar on-demand.

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Our key CIAM solution areas

Customer satisfaction is a challenge

  • Cybercrime
    Customer credentials at risk with the growing threat of a breach.
  • Insecure transactions
    No high-level authentication required to access sensitive data.
  • User frustration
    Multiple passwords, disparate systems and lack of authentication.
  • Wasted resources
    Customer services focussed on handling forgotten passwords.
  • Rising costs
    The need for new hardware and system upgrades.
  • Compliance demands
    Systems lack industry-standard auditing capabilities.

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A CIAM solution can help you...

  • Futureproof protection
    Leverage Microsoft’s expertise and analyse threats around the clock.
  • Enhance security
    Secure login with Azure multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Enable social media sign-in and simplify the sign-up process.
  • Free-up resources
    Focus on important issues with self-service password reset (SSPR).
  • Lower costs
    Scalable and reliable. Reduce the need for expensive on-site hardware.
  • Ensure compliance
    Auditing capabilities, exception reporting and API access.

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Built on Microsoft's cloud identity platform

Azure Active Directory B2C

Azure AD B2C is an extension of Microsoft’s leading identity platform, Azure Active Directory. It is designed to facilitate consumer engagement by simplifying access – including the option to use existing social accounts such as Facebook. Crucially, it allows you to configure the user journey, adding extra layers of protection for more sensitive data.

The platform allows for very large directories while also providing an extremely robust service in terms of uptime and scalability.

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Solving the problem of customer identity and access

Discover how B2B and B2C can help you authenticate customer sign-in more seamlessly and collaborate more easily with partners.

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Access Centre B2B

Through Azure AD B2B Collaboration, organisations can offer partners simple and secure access to documents, resources and applications.

OCG’s Access Centre helps reduce costs and lower security risks by providing simple and controlled administration for partner access.

  • Zero exposure to identity credentials – just secure access
  • Reduce overheads with lower infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Self-service registration for easy on and off-boarding

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