A clear view as you journey to the Cloud

A comprehensive enterprise cloud enablement solution is a key success factor for many businesses. Amongst the many advantages of cloud computing, organisations see a transformation in the productivity of employees, achieve significant cost savings and gain business agility.

However, a rush to reap these benefits without the necessary support and expertise could leave your company vulnerable. Existing complexity in IT infrastructures, and difficulties managing entitlements and user devices, increases administration, but also the likelihood of a data breach.

OCG has helped over seven million users adopt cloud technology safely. Our projects range from helping organisations achieve all they can from Office 365 to ensuring businesses gain the full ROI potential of a comprehensive cloud transformation solution.

Oxford Computer Group no longer offers cloud enablement as a standalone solution. Check out our current enterprise IT solutions that are helping businesses lower costs, increase productivity and enhance security.

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Our key Cloud Solution areas

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We appreciate your business faces challenges

Close-up of user on mobile device leaning forward on desk to represent retail IT challenges.
  • IT resources strained
    Complex on-premises infrastructures with increasing IT demands.
  • Data protection concerns
    Worries around moving sensitive corporate data to the cloud.
  • Lack of internal resources
    Keeping up-to-date – let alone improving – is a constant challenge.
  • Rising costs
    Expenses associated with servers, hardware and skilled recruitment.
  • Inflexible corporate culture
    IT viewed suspiciously as a barrier rather than a business enabler.
  • Administration headaches
    The need to continually upgrade systems and patch software.

Microsoft’s Alex Simons

‘Getting ready for what’s next’ video

The world of cloud and devices is here – and identity is the control plane. Learn more about Microsoft’s Azure AD investments and the technology giant’s plans to help businesses keep their sensitive data secure whilst improving the customer experience.

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Our Cloud Computing solutions will help you…

  • Save money
    Reduce capital expenditure as you simply pay for what you use.
  • Gain competitive advantage
    Increase business agility with less hardware reliance.
  • Increase productivity
    Enable employee collaboration with access anytime, anywhere.
  • Organisational flexibility
    Ability to respond quickly to changes in the market place.
  • Protect your data
    Prevent access to information if devices are lost or stolen.
  • Futureproof security
    Benefit from leading technology and software updates.
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"Oxford Computer Group’s consultant’s understanding of the tools they deployed enabled a smooth delivery within our tight time frames."

Hampshire County Council

Azure way of achieving your potential

Cloud enablement can improve your organisation’s day-to-day operations. Nevertheless, it also brings security questions, specifically around how you retain control of identity and access rights. For this reason, we work closely with Microsoft. We adopt enterprise calibre technologies to provide our customers with robust solutions.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (AD) provides identity management, device access control and data protection capabilities for cloud resources including Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Intune, plus other third party cloud services.

We also develop solutions for: Office 365 (O365) and Windows Azure.

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Office workers at their laptop whilst eating lunch out to represent access with Azure.

Microsoft’s Gini Ekstein

‘Value beyond the balance sheet’ video

Microsoft business psychologist, Gini Ekstein discusses how moving to the cloud and introducing new technologies can impact on your employees. Learn how to deploy IT in a way that gains user support and delivers real value to your business.

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Publicly acknowledged as industry experts

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Oxford Computer Group is part of the UK Government’s G-Cloud framework. This provides assurances to our customers that the government has conducted checks into our eligibility as a cloud enablement and provisioning supplier.

Microsoft’s Gold Partner

OCG is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Identity and Access, Enterprise Mobility, and Devices and Deployment. We have additional accreditations for Cloud Services. We have also been recognised globally as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year – most recently for Enterprise Mobility – on no less than seven occasions.

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Microsoft Gold Partner and Partner of the Year logos for Enterprise Mobility and Identity and Access.