The right people with the right Access

Oxford Computer Group’s reputation has been built on delivering award-winning business IT solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, we build intelligence into an organisation’s IT systems. By simplifying management and administration, our customers can increase security, lower costs and gain business agility.

The IT challenges our customers face are becoming increasingly complex. However, in a period of constant technology change, one constant has remained – a desire to stay in control. With identity as the control plane, our enterprise mobility, cloud enablement and xRM solutions will keep your employees productive whilst protecting your corporate data.

Identity and Access Management

Maintain ease of access for users whilst protecting your corporate assets with a simple to manage identity platform.

  • Increase security with improved visibility
  • Save resources with task automation
  • Remove user frustration with seamless access
  • Satisfy crucial regulatory requirements
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A user accesses cloud-stored data securely, thanks to a properly implemented identity management solution.

Customer Identity and Access Management

Unify consumer experience across multiple services, simplify engagement with your brand, and secure identities.

  • Improve the customer experience across platforms
  • Secure customer identities and sensitive data
  • Reduce costs and free up critical resources
  • Reduce the risk of a costly data breach
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Keep up-to-date

A man takes a business call from his mobile device on the bus, illustrating the benefits of enterprise mobility.

Enterprise Mobility management

Gain all the benefits of a mobile workforce. Stay secure as you meet employee demand with any device, any location access.

  • Increase staff efficiency with flexible working
  • Embrace BYOD and raise satisfaction levels
  • Secure devices and protect corporate data
  • Respond quickly to changing market demands
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Cloud enablement

Become an agile and competitive organisation as you safely take advantage of the opportunities cloud services offer to your business.

  • Reduce costs with less hardware investment
  • Flexibility to alter investment based on demand
  • Stay secure with regular software updates
  • Improve collaboration between team members
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A man accesses data stored in the cloud from a remote mountain location.