Student Submissions – From Paper to the Cloud (xRM in Education)

xRM helps to reduce the risks associated with large-scale paper submissions. With the number of students in further or higher education growing, more and more universities and colleges are reporting problems with current submission processes. Papers lost in the post, payment delays and transcription errors are just a few of the issues causing significant delays and frustration for those concerned.

Our webinar, which took place on 24 September 2015, illustrates how using xRM – or eXtended relationship management – to automate submissions in a workflow process can make life easier for everyone from students to administrators. We reveal:

  • How a university department can avoid bottlenecks and other problems
  • How xRM creates a continuous workflow from submission to final grade
  • The important role played by Microsoft’s leading platform Dynamics CRM
  • How automating processes can save time and reduce the risk of error