Value beyond the balance sheet: It’s the people that matter

Businesses understandably want to take advantage of new technology – and quickly. However, unless this technology makes sense to people, and people use it in the right way, the chances are it will add little value to your business – and could potentially be quite harmful. It’s how people adopt technology that is the real game-changer.

Microsoft business psychologist, Gini Ekstein was a keynote speaker at OCG’s annual European Summit in 2015. By filling out the short form below, you can watch a recording of her presentation. In the video, Gini discusses how:

  • We don’t have to scare and demoralise people by imposing technology
  • IT deployment should be approached in a more considerate manner
  • We need to view change from the user’s point of view not ours
  • Employees have to be motivated to spend time learning something new
  • Business processes must change to alter the behaviour of employees
  • You benefit through improved collaboration and greater productivity

This video is no longer available.