Switch on with hybrid identity!

Switch on to a world of possibilities when you bring together all the different elements of your systems!

Here’s the challenge:

  • Many different IT systems, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Many users of different types, using many types of device
  • A host of new apps that have to be integrated and managed
  • Multiple usernames and passwords, meaning multiple logins
  • Time and effort wasted

The result is:

  • A sub-optimal user experience
  • An IT department bogged down in administration – so they are perceived as a bottleneck and not an enabler
  • Users getting access they shouldn’t, and not getting access they should
  • Difficulty meeting legal and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Not being fully in control

Now imagine if you could bring it all together in one unified environment – connected, secure and manageable – serving the right people with the apps and information they need, on authorised devices. Now imagine that when new apps, new people and new ideas appear, you can react swiftly to easily integrate them! Now stop imagining, because you can.

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