Migrate from Novell IDM to FIM

There are many reasons why an organisation may need to move on from Novell IDM, even if they have relied on it for many years. The number of people with the relevant Novell skills to understand and develop the connections within the system is fairly small and is diminishing.

People are replacing their Novell estate with Microsoft products. Training in Novell technologies has become more difficult to arrange. Couple this with the complicated licencing set-up, including the plethora of connector packs, and things get really messy. Time to move on. If you’re thinking FIM, we can help.

“We needed a mechanism for account creation and management … and a way of replicating identity information among the systems that needed to consume it. FIM fitted the bill and as we are migrating our processes over to it, is providing all that and more!– Andy Swiffin, University of Dundee

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