Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Demo

Microsoft is investing heavily in Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), with constant updates and new feature capabilities underlining its priorities. Why? Simply put: businesses need help.

Cyber-attacks are now commonplace, and compromised services and costly identity leaks are creating headlines with alarming frequency. In today’s mobile world, the IT challenges are complex and growing in number. Organisations need a solution that will support employee productivity whilst ensuring adequate protection for critical data.

Sign up to watch our Enterprise Mobility Suite webinar on-demand. You’ll experience:

  • An overview of EMS and typical scenarios it can help you overcome
  • How EMS can ensure you put the right level of protection in place
  • A demo of new security component Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
  • How to identify suspicious activity/possible attacks in your network
  • How to enforce separation of corporate and personal data
  • A device registration and enrolment demo with Windows 10