Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Series – Episode V: Mission Accomplished

It is a period of technological change. Faced with the task of trying to mobilise an entire workforce across the planet, IT technician Grahame was forced into therapy to seek counsel on how to cope with potential Mobile Armageddon.

During the battle, rebel ex-employees attempted to steal company information, personal devices were banished and staff were driven to despair amidst the frustrating pressures of the old password regime.

After many quests, Grahame now returns to the business awardship, custodian of a secret weapon and installer of a system that has now brought connectivity, security and peace across the enterprise.

The final entry in the amusing Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) series sees OCG spoof the ever-popular Star Wars franchise. Help your colleagues understand the benefits of EMS by checking out other entries in this light-hearted but informative series.


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