People and Services – Managing Your Relationships with xRM and Dynamics CRM

The ability to tailor its technology to almost any business process has made Microsoft Dynamics CRM attractive to organisations hampered by repetitive administration tasks. Unlike a purely bespoke project, deploying the Dynamics CRM platform as part of an xRM (eXtended relationship management) solution allows organisations to benefit from built-in security, stability and device independence. It may be a powerful customer relationship management technology, but its support can extend beyond your sales and marketing teams.

Our webinar, which took place on 24 September 2015, considered the impact of Dynamics CRM on three example organisations, each operating in a different industry. View a recording by filling out the form below. We reveal:

  • The key capabilities of Dynamics CRM technology
  • The main concepts behind Microsoft’s leading platform
  • How the technology can improve daily business processes
  • The business case for xRM with Dynamics CRM
  • How different sectors can take advantage of xRM