Information governance: How to set your data free

To truly realise its value, organisations need to set information free.

But with data breaches becoming all too common, and ever-increasing fines being imposed to match them, how is that possible? How do you prove compliance, with employees accessing data from the app or device of choice, at anytime, anywhere?

That’s where information governance comes in…

Watch our latest webinar on-demand. OCG’s Head of Cyber Security, Geraint Jones, explains how to:

  • Apply a holistic view of security and assign controls at each level
  • Prepare for upcoming changes to data security law and prove compliance
  • Use a health check to assess your present security measures
  • Ensure that service suppliers conform to your data protection standards
  • Deliver security across an ever-widening data horizon
  • React quickly and appropriately if a data breach occurs

This webinar is no longer available.