Identity management with FIM

If your organisation is looking for a way to bring together different elements of your systems and manage it all securely, we’ve got it. Swift, flexible and secure identity management with FIM is now available as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

Whether it’s a new application, moving to the cloud or the ability to respond swiftly to demands of devices, putting identity at the heart of the matter will help you stay in control of all that you do subsequently.

We use the power of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) to create our identity solutions. FIM is an identity and access management platform and is now available as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite.

FIM relieves IT departments and helpdesks of the burden of day-to-day tasks with self-service functions for end users, rich administrative tools and enhanced automation.

Sorry, this download is no longer available.

Forefront Identity Manager is now out of support. Please check out our MIM webinar to find out what you need to know about FIM’s successor.

Download our white paper on ‘The business case for identity and access management’ to find out how to calculate the enterprise value of your IAM project.