Drive GDPR compliance with Azure AD B2C for web applications

247 million consumers exposed by a data breach sounds unthinkable. That it could be caused by a simple web application vulnerability is alarming.

With cost estimates as high as $600 million (Larry Ponemon, Ponemon Institute), it could prove to be the most expensive cyber-attack in history – and yet, it’s a figure that would have been dwarfed had GDPR been in effect.

Businesses need to take steps to remove one of the weakest technological links in the struggle against cyber-crime – and that’s where Microsoft Azure AD B2C comes in.

Download our latest white paper, and understand:

  • Why web applications are particularly attractive to cyber attackers
  • How easily an imposter can gain unauthorised access
  • Your responsibilities under GDPR if managing a public-facing website
  • The key features and functionality of Microsoft Azure AD B2C
  • How Azure AD B2C can help your organisation become GDPR ready

This white paper is no longer available.

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