Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite: A typical user’s perspective – Demo

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is undoubtedly comprehensive, featuring industry leading technologies including Intune and Azure RMS. However, Microsoft has recognised that for organisations seeking security in the age of BYOD and the mobile workforce, deploying a powerful suite of technologies isn’t enough on its own. 

Our webinar, which took place on Thursday, 30 July 2015, saw two of Oxford Computer Group’s non-technical personnel demonstrate the simplicity of Microsoft’s cutting edge Enterprise Mobility Suite from a typical user’s perspective. View a recording by filling out the form below. We reveal how you can:

  • Ensure your employees carry out the necessary tasks to secure your data
  • Enable anyone within your organisation to use EMS technology
  • Reduce the strain on your IT department or service desk
  • Prevent unnecessary expenditure through self-service
  • Keep your organisation’s files and data fully secure
  • Benefit from happy employees who are working more effectively

This webinar is no longer available.