Dynamics CRM: Comprehensive complaints handling for the financial services sector

The Financial Conduct Authority’s new complaints handling regulations have done little to help businesses struggling in the digital era. As disgruntled consumers turn to social media for an instant resolution, the number of complaints received by the financial services sector increased by 23% between 2010 and 2015*.

So how can businesses adapt to the changing landscape without incurring the high costs normally associated with a CRM system?

Download our white paper ‘Delivering faster, more effective complaints handling with Dynamics CRM’. You’ll read about:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority’s new requirements
  • The potential hazards that could cause reputational damage
  • The available options to avoid mishandling a customer complaint
  • How Dynamics CRM can help you quickly spot social trends
  • What you need to consider when deploying a CRM solution

*Latest Aggregate Complaints Data – FCA