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IT continues to transform the retail sector. Following the disruption caused by e-commerce, and the subsequent rise of the smartphone, competition has become fierce. Customers have more power than ever, allowing them to demand personalised experiences and faultless customer service in-store and online.

However, the need to capture more and more intelligence to meet consumer demands raises data security questions. At the same time, employees are disconnected and frustrated as outdated systems struggle to cope, or new technology is poorly implemented.

At OCG, we can help you deliver an IT infrastructure that delivers this operational efficiency cost-effectively. We can ensure you gain a competitive advantage by delivering an experience that both your employees and customers will love.

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  • Poor customer experience
    No personalisation, with difficulty accessing systems and content.
  • Disconnected employees
    Store and warehouse workers with no PC access aren’t engaged.
  • Strain on critical systems
    Reliant on outdated systems to enable operations and trading.
  • Inadequate data protection
    Customer data at risk from the threat of a cyber attack.
  • Lack of visibility
    Unable to monitor workers and their access via remote devices.
  • Seasonal peaks
    Slow, manual administration for new, seasonal staff.

Trading up

  • Customer loyalty
    Deliver an experience that gives you a competitive edge.
  • Employee engagement
    Employees connected with the business and each other.
  • Remove administration burden
    Automate new starter and leaver processes, and remove risks.
  • Sell more
    Opportunities to cross and upsell with crucial intellgence.
  • Trade with confidence
    Reliable EPOS and stock control systems.
  • Comprehensive security
    Secure your identities, devices and documents – everywhere.
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"OCG have excellent product knowledge, as you would expect, but on top of this they demonstrated their ability to translate this to our environment and exercised a great deal of flexibility in delivering the solution we needed."

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Is security #1 on your agenda?

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Retailers have spotted the opportunities that new technology can bring. However, they should approach with caution. Mobility and productivity are excellent goals, but without appropriate and up-to-date security measures in place, a retailer might end up being in the news for the wrong reasons.

Mobility inevitably opens businesses up to an increased risk of a data breach, unless security is considered carefully and constantly.

Customers are becoming savvier and increasingly fickle. 58% say that a cyber breach would discourage them from using a business in the future (Cyber Streetwise Campaign and KPMG). IT security is, therefore, becoming part of the customer service agenda, and is being given wider exposure in businesses today.

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Thinking about Office 365?

In every retail organisation, engaging employees, many of whom don’t have enterprise-based IT access, is difficult and potentially expensive. Add to that the task of managing thousands of ever-changing identities and we see a common challenge facing retailers today.

A knowledgeable workforce with access to systems such as email, intranet and shared documents will help retailers engage with employees, and employees engage with customers.

With collaboration and productivity high on the agenda for most retailers, Office 365 offers a great opportunity to enable collaboration, while securely managing access.

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Advanced Threat Analytics Webinar

Avoid a costly data breach in your organisation

OCG’s enterprise mobility expert, Mat Richards, reveals how your business can detect suspicious activity using behavioural analysis and adapt to changing security threats.

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Engage your employees

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Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) offers complete protection without compromising user experience. Employees remain productive, with easy device enrolment and single sign-on to their favourite apps, but in a controlled environment.

“Anytime, anywhere” access to the workplace enables employees to gain 45-60 minutes a week (Forrester’s study “Mobile enterprise services improve flexibility, productivity, and ROI”).

Find out how to embrace enterprise mobility in your retail business by downloading our e-guide.

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Employee Retention in Retail

Employee attraction and retention used to be the domain of the HR department. But as technology infiltrates everything we do, it’s now something your IT team can also influence. Read our latest blog to discover how technology can positively impact employee retention.

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Connecting your employees

Our client, a retail giant of the UK high street, needed to improve collaboration and information sharing between its employees. View our case study and find out how Azure Active Directory eased employee access whilst ensuring the necessary protection was in place.

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