The Vision for Modern Policing

The Policing Vision 2025 has recognised the pressures of modern day policing – but also the opportunities that digital transformation can offer forces across the UK.

Set out by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), this Vision sets out a clear plan to embrace and capitalise on the cloud and the latest security and collaboration technologies.

It’s a clear directive to ensure modern policing can work within budget constraints, whilst continuing to meet strategic priorities and new criminal challenges.

Download our latest white paper, ‘Enabling the Vision for Modern Policing’. Our expert guide looks at the fundamentals of the Policing Vision and the three National Enabling Programmes designed to transition from current state to future state.

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Law enforcement: the challenges

A busy, old fashioned looking office environment to highlight the challenges for police today.
  • Need to make savings
    Bureaucratic processes are costly and create waste.
  • Ageing, incompatible and siloed systems
    Unable to efficiently share information with partners.
  • Cyber-attack risks
    Unable to detect, defend or respond to data security threats.
  • Complex regulations
    Maintaining data flows whilst meeting compliance requirements.
  • Lost productivity
    Front line officers focussed on paperwork and internal processes.

A Vision realised

  • Enterprise-grade security
    Protect sensitive data and secure your IT systems.
  • Increase efficiency
    Increase staff productivity through mobile and flexible solutions.
  • Maintain compliance
    Securely maintain data flows that are essential for law enforcement.
  • Public satisfaction
    Citizens are happy that their cases are dealt with swiftly.
Office worker on tablet, happy, to represent the benefits of digital transformation for police.

“OCG are without question the best out there. They provide a very well rounded and detailed service from initial consultation to implementation, project management and training, and offer quality guidance and advice at every step.”

Programme Manager, Hampshire Constabulary

Capitalise on the opportunities

1 in 20 data protection complaints received by the ICO in 2017 related to policing and criminal records.

Maintaining data flows is essential for law enforcement, but a modern police force needs to achieve compliance at a time when the number of complex regulations is growing.

To achieve the Policing Vision on a meaningful scale requires robust platforms to protect digital assets, and systems that can seamlessly integrate and communicate with each other.

Oxford Computer Group has been engaged with police forces across the UK for over 10 years. We can offer you experience and leading knowledge of the latest technologies to meet these challenges – and capitalise on the opportunities that are available.

Back of a police man's head to represent the vision for modern policing.

NEP Readiness Assessment

As part of the Policing Vision 2025, a National Enabling Programmes (NEP) preparations checklist has been issued that outlines the key, cloud-ready requirements for police forces in terms of infrastructure, operating systems, networks and security.

Our Technical Readiness Assessment will help you identify the areas that fall short of the checklist – and will propose key remediation actions.

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