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Financial institutions are finding themselves under increasing pressure. The introduction of complex legislation and the ever-growing threat of a cyber-attack have had serious implications for businesses across industries. In 2015, cyber-criminal activity increased by 40% in the finance sector.

At the same time, businesses need to attract and retain customers. Research shows that less than 50% of people born between 1980 and 2000 will stay with their current bank. Competition’s fierce, with new players entering the market and investing in new ways to keep customers loyal. Finding an IT solution that will keep you ahead of the game, whilst protecting your customers’ information, is not easy.

OCG understands the challenges that the finance industry is experiencing. We’ve worked with insurers, banks, building societies and mortgage providers to help them improve customer service and protect corporate data from sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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Your challenges could be costly

  • Data security threats
    Cyber-attacks increasing in sophistication, frequency and severity.
  • Complex regulations
    Growing restrictions and threat of financial punishment.
  • Lack of productivity
    Employees feeling frustrated with poor technology adoption.
  • High customer churn
    Customers switching to more attractive competitors.
  • Poor complaints handling
    Inadequate processes to deal with complaints and enquiries.
Close-up of tablet with financial data in the background to represent Enterprise IT challenges for the sector.

It's time to cash in

Sun shines on devices and laptop to represent benefits of Enterprise IT for the financial services sector.
  • Enterprise-grade security
    Build consumer trust by protecting their data.
  • Business growth
    Develop customer service to attract and retain customers.
  • Reduce costs
    Increase employee efficiency with user-friendly technology.
  • Ensure compliance
    Automate compliance measures to eliminate human error.
  • Customer satisfaction
    Consumers happy with how their complaints are handled.

Complete protection for your data

Financial service institutions rank cybersecurity as their biggest concern. Leading organisations, including HSBC and Tesco Bank, have been hit by data breaches in recent years. Microsoft’s leading identity and security solutions, Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) and Azure Active Directory (AD), can help keep your sensitive corporate data out of the reach of cyber-criminals.

ATA can help you reduce risks by meeting compliance requirements, protecting your applications, and providing real-time alerts for suspected fraud. Azure AD allows you to control access to applications and resources both in the cloud and on-premises.

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Achieve security on any device, as shown by financial advisor smiling at customer.

Advanced Threat Analytics Webinar

Identify threats to your organisation before it’s too late

Discover how Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) can protect your business using behavioural analysis. Gain instant notifications of any known malicious attacks.

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Reduce costs and improve productivity

Business people collaborating on a tablet to represent the benefits of Office 365 in finance.

Since 2009, productivity in the financial services sector has deteriorated sharply. This has highlighted the need for businesses to empower their employees in new and profound ways. Collaboration and communication between your employees can break down when they don’t have the right tools to do their jobs.

What if you could reduce the costs of managing and maintaining your operations whilst improving user collaboration?

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a powerful cloud platform that can help you improve productivity and efficiency. As well as benefiting from productive employees, you’ll have the most powerful technologies without the need for up-front infrastructure costs.

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Successfully manage and improve relationships

As increasing competition raises customer expectations, organisations are under pressure to differentiate themselves. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with a platform to manage and build rapport with clients. Your people can deliver outstanding customer service, so your business develops purposeful, lasting and profitable relationships.

An xRM solution built on Dynamics CRM will help you deliver a seamless customer experience. This will improve the process of complaints handling, customer reporting and stakeholder management. Sharing data between applications means your people know what, why, when and who they are dealing with, so your interactions are timely and relevant.

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Finance workers in discussion at a laptop to represent informative customer data from Dynamics CRM.


How to achieve comprehensive complaints handling

Are you looking to deliver faster, more effective complaints handling? Our white paper identifies the potential hazards that could damage your organisation’s reputation and reveals how Dynamics CRM can help you spot social trends.

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Preview of Dynamics CRM white paper for the financial services sector.