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Oxford Computer Group develops and manages IT solutions for organisations in both the private and public sectors. We understand that whilst no industry is immune to the disruption caused by technological progress, the challenges are often unique. Crucially, we ensure businesses of all types and sizes realise the opportunities created by new technology.

Our team has worked with clients from a variety of diverse industries. From consulting to ongoing maintenance, we’ve experienced the unique needs and complex operating environments of many contrasting businesses. As a result, we have the skills to adapt our approach and tailor our solutions to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.


Meet the rising expectations of students by delivering an innovative learning experience and protecting data.

  • Attract and retain the best students
  • Secure data on-site and off-campus
  • Reduce costs and administration
  • Automate daily tasks and processes
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Students walking, and chatting to represent a positive IT experience.
Shoppers moving with their purchases to represent a positive experience thanks to IT.


Deliver the best customer experience possible by keeping your employees productive and securing sensitive corporate data.

  • Protect critical data and gain customer loyalty
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Raise satisfaction levels with productive employees
  • Automate processes with reliable systems
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Keep up-to-date

Financial Services

Get value for money from your IT solution by enhancing protection of sensitive data, keeping your employees productive and reducing costs.

  • Reduce risks and meet compliance requirements
  • Keep corporate data secure and avoid fraud
  • Facilitate employee collaboration and communication
  • Improve customer relationships and complaints handling
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Head of major financial institutions in London.