You’ve purchased Office 365… Now what?

Purchasing new software is one thing. Deploying technology is another. Actually getting employees to use it to its full capability is the ultimate goal.

Once you’ve deployed Office 365 throughout your organisation, how can you make sure it’s being used and providing you with the ROI you need?

Sign up for our latest webinar. OCG’s senior architect, David Guest, will reveal how you can ensure your employees are realising the full potential of Office 365’s features and capabilities.

This webinar will also feature a demo from AddIn365. See the business productivity tools that can help employee adoption of Office 365, and facilitate individual and group work.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of deploying Office 365 in your business
  • How to improve efficiency and productivity of your users
  • How to speed up software deployment and adoption
  • How to get quick ROI from your Office 365 deployment

Unfortunately, this webinar was cancelled due to technical issues. However, you can learn more about Office 365 by visiting our technology page.