xRM – An Education in Reducing Risks whilst Saving time and money

Is xRM – or eXtended relationship management – the answer for an education industry struggling to overcome problems associated with paper submission processes? As the student population in Further and Higher Education continues to grow, the need to move away from paper submissions and marking to fully automated processes has never been greater. xRM provides an opportunity for universities and colleges to avoid bottlenecks and other issues to create a seamless workflow from student submission to final grade.

Study xRM and learn about its importance to higher education

Join us for our webinar on 24 September 2015 at 2:00pm. OCG’s Service Development Manager, Marcus Idle, will illustrate how an xRM solution can help to simplify, speed-up and automate day-to-day processes in a university department. Learn:

  • The business benefits of process automation
  • The role played by Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • How xRM helps organisations reduce the risk of error
  • How to save time with eXtended relationship management

Update: This webinar took place in June 2015. However, you can watch a recording on the website now.

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