Don’t make it easy: Adopt a user-centric approach to data security

Hackers are looking for an easy target.

Social engineering, compromised credentials, violation of security policies – the most common cyber-attack methods are directly or indirectly linked to users.

With a low barrier to entry, attackers can easily take control of a network and gain administrative rights. A data breach is only a matter of time…

Or is it?

Join us at 2pm on 28 March 2018 and learn more about:

  • Cyber-attack vectors and access points employed by hackers
  • The risks posed, and why a user-centric approach is critical
  • The benefits and best ways to adopt an ‘assume breach’ mindset
  • Ways to improve employee awareness and responsible behaviour
  • The technologies available to mitigate threats at each stage of an attack
  • Best practice approaches to respond and recover from a data breach

Please note this webinar has now taken place. If you were unable to attend, but still want to learn how a user-centric approach can protect your data, you can watch it on-demand now.