How’s your security and privacy posture?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply present a dashboard to your board to show how you are performing in key security areas such as governance, information protection, threat protection, and IAM?

Join our 30-minute webinar on Thursday, 26 July at 2pm to understand how you can provide clear visibility of your security and privacy posture – and help justify future remediation actions.

Delivered by our Head of Enterprise Mobility & Security, the webinar will walk you through what’s involved in our full-day Current State Assessment (incorporating Microsoft’s Secure Score).

This is a unique opportunity to:

  • View the innovative dashboard showing performance in six key security areas
  • Understand how the service can help you justify future security investments
  • Appreciate how you can achieve a rapid uplift in your security posture
  • See real-life case studies where this approach has been implemented

This webinar took place on 26 July 2018. Don’t worry if you missed it – you can watch it on-demand here!