The layman’s guide to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

For enterprise mobility management to be successful, organisations cannot afford to forget the end user. Given the increasing array of devices available to employees today, deploying a powerful suite of technologies to secure corporate data is crucial. However, even the most sophisticated system is bound to fail without a seamless user experience. Complex, drawn out processes will simply force end users to bypass security features, increasing costs and placing further strain on your service desk.

Gain organisational support for your enterprise mobility solution

Join us for our webinar on Thursday, 30 July 2015. We’ll be challenging two of Oxford Computer Group’s non-technical personnel to demonstrate the simplicity of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) from a typical user’s perspective. You’ll learn how to:

  • Gain end user buy-in for secure enterprise mobility
  • Empower any employee to use EMS technology
  • Reduce dependence on your IT department
  • Lower operational costs within your organisation
  • Increase protection for corporate files and data
  • Raise staff morale and work productivity

Update: This webinar took place in July 2015. However, you can view a recording on the website now.

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