From Dynamics CRM to xRM – Better management of your relationships

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an essential technology for organisations looking to improve the connection between their business processes, data and the people who are affected. Organisations today are increasingly reliant on relationships, forms and reports, business rules, workflows and dialogues. Adapting the power of Dynamics CRM to build an xRM (eXtended relationship management) solution enables businesses to cut administration, reduce the risk of human error, and save time and money.

Discover how Dynamics CRM is much more than a leading sales and marketing platform

Join us for our xRM webinar on 24 September 2015 at 11:00am. OCG’s Service Development Manager, Marcus Idle, will reveal the key capabilities of Dynamics CRM and how it can be applied to day-to-day business processes. You’ll discover:

  • The main Microsoft Dynamics CRM concepts
  • The features of eXtended relationship management (xRM)
  • How to turn a real business process into a Dynamics CRM workflow
  • How different sectors can use xRM to their advantage

Update: This webinar took place in June 2015. However, you can view a recording on our website now.

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