Detect suspicious activity with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Did you know that the average time attackers stay in a network before being detected is over 200 days? During those 200 days, attackers will have gathered your classified data and information. They will be waiting to strike at any second.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) uses behavioural analysis and reporting to help you identify security breaches and threats to your organisation. Without a strong defence system in place, businesses can lose data, customers and their reputation.

Register for our thirty-minute webinar on Thursday, 21 April at 2pm. OCG’s enterprise mobility expert, Mathew Richards, will outline the benefits of ATA and how it can prevent a cyber-attack causing damage to your organisation.

You will learn how your business can:

  • Detect suspicious and unusual activities in its systems
  • Gain prompt awareness of the latest security issues and risks
  • Continuously adapt to ever-changing cyber security threats
  • Focus on what’s important by identifying the most critical threats

Update: This webinar took place in April 2016. However, you can view a recording on our website now.

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