Single Customer View: See the benefits inside your business

With customer service and engagement now a key battleground for many businesses, the benefits of a single customer view can no longer be ignored. When looking for answers, consumers now regularly use at least four different channels*, expecting a seamless user experience at all times. In fact, 42% feel that getting their issue resolved, without repeating information, is the most important aspect of a satisfying customer service experience. Every interaction directly influences their loyalty to your business.


An introduction to a Single Customer View

A single customer view (SCV) is the ultimate goal that provides businesses with the ability to trace customer communications across various channels. By achieving a solitary view, you can collate all customer information accurately in one place, gaining a 360-degree view of their past and present behaviour. This intelligence is vital in being able to predict your customers’ future behaviour, so you can adapt your sales, marketing and operations to match.

Customer information is gathered from various departments within an organisation on a regular basis. Each department has their own information sets and details, but more often than not this information isn’t properly integrated. As a result, the business doesn’t have a personalised or complete picture of each customer and their journey. That’s where technology-enabled SCV comes into play.

A single view of the customer increases customer service levels, customer retention and conversion rates, improving the overall customer lifetime value. In terms of your organisation, this can also improve the connectivity of teams working separately across different channels, such as email, Twitter and live chat. This enhances the whole customer experience and goes a long way to reducing employee frustration.

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory and Dynamics CRM

Using Microsoft Azure Active Directory with Dynamics CRM can help your business achieve the goal of a single customer view. Combined, Azure AD and Dynamics CRM create a powerful customer relationship management platform that connects service and sales teams with customers so they can deliver a consistent service.

The CRM solution provides businesses with a place to keep their customers’ information secure and accessible to all departments. Keeping the information in one place allows your service staff to access live information about customer activities without the delay of searching in different systems. As well as keeping your customers happy, this will also have a big impact on employee satisfaction and productivity.

Dynamics CRM helps to reduce costs by automating manual business processes. It offers a wide range of cloud-based tools and can integrate popular business applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.

What CRM can do for you

A large focus has been placed on customer satisfaction and the way relationships with customers are managed. With the use of CRM software, your organisation can make more informed decisions, provide better customer service and personalise future marketing communications based on your customers’ behaviour.

Find out how your business can benefit from gaining a single customer view by watching our webinar on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM

*Oracle’s Cross-Channel Commerce: A Consumer Research Study