Office 365 and Windows 10: There’s no need to be scared

Productive, mobile and with a shiny new device – there’s no need to be scared with Office 365 and Windows 10. I am truly a digital nomad.


My experience with Office 365 and Windows 10

OCG works with and assists organisations in implementing Office 365, Windows 10 and Azure. We use all the latest technology, but how does it help me run the business and improve my life? What makes me such an advocate?

I had my first smug experience this week when I got a brand new laptop. In the past, this was a moment I feared; losing my precious device, resulting in days of trying to find my work and documents, and working out the niggles.

“I only have to sign in once to access our sales and finance systems, rather than signing in individually to each system and account.”

In the past, I would have avoided this scenario like the plague, despite my love of new hardware and tech. I would have made sure all of my data and preferences were backed up, and would more than likely have forgotten my passwords, and favourite OneNote links and files I had been working on for the last few months.

This time, it just worked – and the experience was liberating. I only needed to sign in once with my Office 365 account and everything was there waiting and ready for me. OneNote, Word and PowerPoint all had a list of the documents I had been working on recently. My PowerPoint document for our upcoming All Hands meeting was available, as were CVs for upcoming interviews.

Office 365 makes life easy

Office 365 gives me the chance to check what I’ve been working on, as well as my colleagues’ activity, by using Delve. When you’re a busy person like me, it’s nice to have something like this to look to as a reminder.

The single sign-on service makes life so much easier (and me a digital God). I only have to sign in once to access our sales and finance systems, rather than signing in individually to each system and account.

Windows 10 and Office 365 may not be life-changing, but I now spend less time logging in and searching for documents. There’s no need for me to panic at the realisation that my favourite spreadsheet has gone!

One particular shock moment was when I was using Strava and Garmin (run and cycling social app) – not work-related I grant you. I hadn’t uploaded my big ride from the weekend and wanted a seamless, easy way to upload the cycle data. That’s when social identity kicked in. Again, I only needed one social identity to sign in and download the app in order to show off and share my cycling skills with my friends.

Overall, I’m loving Office 365, in particular the Outlook Groups and Delve. My work and social identities are serving me well, creating an easy experience for the user – me. There are no more lost files, just simple collaboration with my colleagues, single sign-on heaven – and I’m now device independent!

This is the life.


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