Thrown in at the deep end – OCG take on the Tough Mudder challenge!

18 of OCG’s finest took on the Tough Mudder challenge in Henley on 5 May to hone their strength, stamina and teamworking abilities.

True to its name, the event involved plenty of mud, water, hills, tricky obstacles and a 10k run across the fields and far beyond.

Far from a casual walk in the park!


Eye of the Tiger

At OCG we always encourage our staff to challenge themselves and promote an ethos of respecting others, offering help and support.

I can honestly say that after completing my first challenge with the team this was evident all the way through the event.

So where did we start?

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

We take fitness challenges very seriously at OCG (well some of us do), and having recently trekked across the Brecon Beacons in the South Wales Three Peaks Trial, the team were well prepared for the event.

On race day we were blessed with a heatwave, so loaded up on plenty of sun cream and liquid! There was plenty of excitement amongst the team, and a fair amount of pre-Mudder nerves!

Upon the start of the event, the team were hit with a monumental hill followed by the “Kiss of Mud”, which involved crawling under barbed wire face down in the dirt – the team took full opportunity to channel their inner child and spread yet more mud on each other!

Competitors emerge from the water to face a steep incline

Forward, always forward

With the team safely through, led by Account Manager Robin, we sprinted to the next challenge. Under the hot sun, we were glad to see a nice pool of water; however, as we moved closer, we realised there were several obstacles to overcome during our dip!

Shortly after our paddle, we were then met with several climbing walls – these really tested our ability to work together.

With a successful structure of two people offering a leg-up, one person pulling us up to the top and another to lower us to safety, we managed to get every one of us over…

In credit to Sam Mitten, one of our Project Managers, how he managed to flip himself through a 180-degree angle head first and still land on his feet we will never know.

“If it wasn’t for the team I don’t think I could’ve completed the Tough Mudder. It wasn’t just physical, but a mental challenge too.”

Emma-Lee, Finance and HR Assistant

One of the hardest parts of the event was definitely the hills walk, climbing up and down two huge hills – the only way we got through that was with sheer determination and motivation. After descending from the second hill, we quite literally collapsed in a heap!

Just after we thought our legs had given in and we could walk no more, we were faced with “Everest” – exactly what you want to see when you know you are approaching the end!

Being a resilient bunch, unafraid to face our fears, we decided to try the most challenging option: a steep run up a near vertical wall. Starting with the boys, we all made a run for it and grabbed each other’s arms at the top to pull each other to safety.

Team OCG pose for a photo at the finish line

The highlight of the event has got to be crossing that finish line all together and enjoying a cider (or water) as a reward.

As a team we crossed that line together – we may have been broken physically but it has only made us stronger as a group.

So much so we are already on the hunt for our next challenge, so stay tuned for more OCG action!