The business case for Microsoft Azure

Putting a business case together to obtain funding for any project can be tricky. Whilst you may see the business benefits of adopting Microsoft Azure, you will likely need to prove them to your management team. With 120,000 new Azure customer subscriptions per month, it’s clearly becoming an ever more popular choice across the business world.


The financial impact of deploying Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a range of benefits to companies, including the ability to move faster, save money and integrate on-premises apps and information. Whilst your management team will want to hear about these key benefits, they’ll need to know exactly how they will gain return on investment in order to make a decision for or against your project.

We identify four benefits of Azure and the potential financial impact they could have on your organisation.

Reduced hardware costs

When migrating to a cloud platform, the provider handles the costs associated with upgrading servers, hosting services and ongoing management. This reduces the burden on your business and frees up cash, which can be put to good use elsewhere in the IT department.

Improved time-to-market

Due to its scalability and reliability, a new test and development environment can be set up quickly and started immediately. The time saved from this enables you to get-to-market much sooner. It’s your opportunity to gain a competitive edge and to stay ahead of your rivals.

Only pay for what’s used

There’s no need to purchase a whole new server to support development and testing environments. Azure is consumption-based. If approached with careful planning, your business can benefit from dramatic cost savings.

Improved collaboration

Sharing data and information on a cloud platform with other departments, organisations, partners and customers increases efficiency and productivity. If you are wasting less time, you are going to cut costs.

The champion of cloud platforms

The world’s biggest football team, Real Madrid, uses Azure to directly engage with their 450 million supporters across the world. Through the use of Azure technology, they are able to provide a better experience to their fans, analysing large amounts of data in order to personalise marketing campaigns and boost revenues.

Depending on your business’s requirements and needs, a move to the cloud can be extremely beneficial for your finances. To get the best out of Microsoft Azure, or any other cloud-based platform, ensure you speak to an expert. In the last quarter of 2015, Microsoft saw a 140% rise in revenue from Azure, indicating that it is becoming the platform of choice for many organisations.