Oxford Computer Group has worked closely with Microsoft’s technical and product teams for nearly thirty years. We are given a unique insight into how its industry-leading technologies are developed, which allows us to create innovative, future proof IT solutions for our customers.

A practical and productive partnership

For organisations looking to reduce infrastructure costs and increase efficiency within their workplace, Microsoft offers unrivalled business opportunity. For that reason, we have worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive understanding of the products and technologies available, and how we can best adopt them to gain value for our customers.

Our expertise is without question. We are asked to test Microsoft products before they go to market, we sit on panels where technical roadmaps are developed, and we develop Microsoft courses which are even used to train their own staff (and our competitors’).

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"There is no other partner in the world we work more closely with than OCG."


A unique position

We can configure and combine Microsoft’s leading enterprise technologies as our customers’ needs dictate. This helps you reduce the strain on your IT infrastructure in the most cost-effective way.

We can even combine them with any legacy or third-party systems and software that your organisation relies on. The wealth of knowledge our experts possess has allowed them to create fixes, tools and components so we can develop solutions that work the way you want them to.

We don’t just strive to get the best from Microsoft technologies, we help to make them the best in the first place. We feed information back from our projects, so Microsoft understands the real challenges businesses face today. This keeps its software at the cutting edge of enterprise IT.

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We love a challenge

Our track record of delivering customer satisfaction has made us one of Microsoft’s most trusted partners. We have successfully leveraged Microsoft technologies on over 800 projects – large and small – in both the public and private sectors.

In the retail sector, we recently built a solution to connect a leading UK supermarket’s 160,000 staff and systems for the first time. In education, we automated the annual churn of user through-put at a university, simplifying management and freeing up vital resources.

We have proven to Microsoft time and again that irrespective of industry, no matter the complexity or changeability of the challenges being faced, we will develop robust, high quality solutions.

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And the people at Microsoft love us

The people at Microsoft appreciate that our expertise is crucial in helping businesses to realise the full potential of their powerful technologies. We are regularly commended for developing real-world solutions that help businesses on a global scale to dramatically improve performance.

“Whether it’s unified identity, device management, application management or protecting company data, OCG helps customers build this vision and deliver a truly agile, scalable and cost-effective enterprise mobility solution to manage their users, devices, apps and data.”

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We are the best at what we do

At Microsoft, the people at Oxford Computer Group are viewed as the experts in enterprise identity and mobility.

Despite international competition, we have won the Partner of the Year award on eight occasions (most recently in 2018 for Security and Compliance), and our accreditations have included Gold Partner status for Identity and Access (Security) and Devices and Deployment.

These prestigious awards are only given to organisations that have created customer satisfaction through the deployment of exceptional IT solutions.

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Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner Logo from 2018 Security and Compliance as well as 2016 Finalist and Gold Awards.